Consultant for strategic planning feasibility study

TB Alert is researching models that would provide critical entry points in the UK and international TB/health/development landscape to influence the policies of key actors and mobilise more resources for TB. Based on preparatory work, the primary concept for which we now want to assess feasibility is that of supporting the integration of TB activities into the work of NGOs (local, national and international), along with State and commercial actors and international health partnerships. This would address the integration of TB into HIV and other health and economic development activities such as maternal health, housing and nutrition, and programmes assisting populations especially vulnerable to TB such as miners, migrants and sex workers.

We are seeking a consultant to identify the feasibility of such new ways of working. This consultancy would map potential clients and assess whether the concept translates into a viable range of services or initiatives, assessing the market potential and carrying out an initial assessment of whether TB Alert could adapt itself to fulfill such roles.

Terms of reference

To apply

Send CV and a two page (max) description of your suitability for the consultancy and an overview of how you would expect to undertake the work, to Mike Mandelbaum, phone: 01273 234865.


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