Patient information and awareness materials

TB Alert’s patient information leaflets provide a useful overview of key issues in TB. They have been designed to reinforce the advice and support given to TB patients by TB nurses and other health care specialists. These  are:

  • a set of nine leaflets
  • available in 21 languages
  • standardised TB information
  • suitable for TB patients and people concerned about TB
  • endorsed by the NHS.

QandA important_test about_drugs BCG leaflet cover image MDR-TB leaflet cover image Contact tracing cover image Latent TB Infection Treatment cover image TB diagnosis cover image TB Treatment cover image

Languages and ordering information

Printed leaflets available in: English, Gujarati, Somali, Tamil, Urdu Prices including P&P are as follows (this includes mixed titles and languages):

  • 10 – £5.00
  • 20 – £9.50
  • 30 – £13.50
  • 40 – £17.00
  • 50 – £20.00
  • 100 – £30.00
  • 250 – £65.00
  • 500 – £110.00
  • 1000 – £180.00
  • Other multiples and >1000 – Prices on request

Digital print or as licensed PDFs: Albanian, Bengali, Simplified Chinese, Farsi, French, Greek, Italian, Pashto, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Sorani, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese

  • Complete set of one language (9 leaflets), digitally printed: £5
  • 1 year licence: £25 per language (1 leaflet), £165 for the language set (9 leaflets)
  • 3 year licence: £55 per language (1 leaflet), £360 for the language set (9 leaflets)
  • Prices include updated PDFs if the leaflets are revised in light of significant developments in TB diagnosis, treatment or policy

The Truth About TB awareness materialsAwareness materials

We have created a suite of awareness materials, as part of our awareness-raising programme The Truth About TB. Posters, leaflets and DVDs are available in a range of languages, and we also offer wallet-size symptoms cards, pens, t-shirts and a symptoms animation and screensaver.

You can find out more about these or download them by going to 

To order:

To order patient information and awareness materials, please download and return the order form:

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PDF file

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