In 2013, we launched a new programme in the Chiwamba area where poverty levels are particularly high and health services are poor. Many people are lacking even basic information about HIV/AIDS and TB, and are unable to access vital testing and treatment for these conditions.

In partnership with local NGO JournAIDS, a network of journalists, and local community group CYDSE, we’re working to raise awareness of TB and HIV/AIDS among the community through a number of initiatives.

Journalists are visiting health centres to learn about TB prevention, care and treatment, and targeting electronic, print and radio media with stories about the illness. The media campaign is expected to reach 6 million people, leading to greater public awareness of TB. Information drop-in centres are being set up as another way for local communities to find out about HIV and TB, and as a result, access treatment more easily.

By helping people to recognise the symptoms of TB, the risks of infection and how to seek help, the project aims to increase the number of people receiving life-saving treatment.