Patient Support Fund

TB patient with food bought from the Patient Support Fund

Please note:

TB Alert has unfortunately had to suspend the Patient Support Fund. This is due to a combination of a sustained increase in requests for grants and the difficulty in raising funds to meet the level of need.

This has not been a decision we have taken lightly and we hope to reinstate the Fund as soon as we can. We know all too well the difference these grants make to your most vulnerable patients and to you in being able to support them, and that many patients would potentially disengage without this extra support.

We will keep this page updated so please check again for further progress on this issue.

As an organisation, TB Alert is advocating for the social care needs of patients to be funded by local statutory agencies, and in some locations this is beginning to happen. We would like to encourage and support you to speak to your public health department (or your CCG or local authority if you have good contacts) about the importance of meeting patients’ basic needs, and how this low-cost intervention helps patients complete their treatment. They may be especially receptive to this as treatment completion is an indicator that local authorities have to report through the Public Health Outcomes Framework.

One potential source of funding is the Better Care Fund, established in April 2014, which provides a pooled budget between CCGs and local authorities to support adult social care services where there is a health benefit. Patient support grants fit very well with the Better Care Fund’s priorities of preventing emergency admissions, effectively re-enabling patients, and improving patient and service user experience.

Please contact Rachel Dukes on 07702 289153 or if you feel we can support or advise you in obtaining local patient support funding.

What is the Patient Support Fund?

TB Alert provides specific, small-grants under our Patient Support Fund to help vulnerable patients meet the costs associated with TB treatment, and to help them take their TB treatment regularly and in full.

We welcome applications from TB nurses, on behalf of people undergoing TB treatment that need support with costs such as:

  • travel to hospital appointments
  • good nutrition
  • heating and electricity
  • household items, including toiletries and kitchenware
  • essential clothing, especially warm clothing.