Our work in the UK

TB Alert’s work in the UK focuses on making sure people with TB are diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible, and supporting them through treatment, to ensure that they don’t become seriously ill or pass TB on to others.

We believe that the best way to reach the people most at risk of TB — often people in vulnerable communities who may not find it easy to access healthcare — is from within their own communities. That’s why our flagship programme here in the UK, The Truth About TB, brings statutory bodies together with voluntary organisations to raise awareness of TB. Local voluntary agencies are embedded in and trusted by communities vulnerable to TB so, by working together, these partnerships are better able to raise awareness and support patients to get the care they need.

Alongside The Truth About TB awareness-raising work, we also do a range of other activities in the UK:

  • We offer peer support to people who are going through TB treatment through the TB Action Group.
  • We help nurses to support TB patients through treatment by providing patient information leaflets, and grants to help vulnerable patients through this difficult time.
  • We offer online TB training for GPs, practice nurses and nurse practitioners through the RCGP website, along with a TB Specialist Nurse Resource pack to use in GP practice meetings.
  • We provide a TB information service for people with questions about TB.