Our people

Our staff

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Mike Mandelbaum
Chief Executive


Helen Clegg
Communications Manager

UK Programme

Juliet Campbell
Latent TB Programme Manager

International Programme

Sameer Sah
International Programme Director

Ruth Sherratt
Senior Programme Officer

Finance and Administration

Karen Macmillan
Finance and Administration Manager

Paula Corbett
Finance and Administration Officer

Our Trustees

  • Paul Sommerfeld (Chair)
  • Professor Peter Davies (Secretary)
  • Anna Watterson
  • Boryana Stambolova
  • Jagjit Dosanjh-Elton
  • Professor John Watson
  • Professor Luis Cuevas
  • Loy Lobo
  • Dr Martin Dedicoat
  • Prabhakara Varma
  • Dr Renu Bindra
  • Robert Wilkinson

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  • Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

Vice Presidents

  • Dr Kenneth Citron
  • Dame Margaret Turner-Warwick

Honorary President 1999 – 2009

Sir John Crofton
As Professor of Respiratory Diseases and Tuberculosis at Edinburgh University in the 1950s – a place and time in which TB was the leading cause of death in young people – Sir John led the team responsible for bringing TB under control. His ‘Edinburgh Method’ was the first demonstration of mass control of TB, which was subsequently instituted in 23 European countries. Sir John was a leader in the work of the World Health Organisation, a celebrated author and an influential teacher. Sir John was knighted in 1977 and awarded the Union Medal in 2005 by the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, for his contributions to TB control. To the end of his life in 2009, at the age of 97, Sir John continued as a tireless campaigner on TB issues and fundraiser for TB Alert.