First year of TB Reach sees an increase in cases detected

There has been an increase in the number of TB cases detected in the first year of a comprehensive health scheme that seeks to reach the three million people all over the world who develop tuberculosis but remain untreated.

The TB Reach initiative was implemented last year by the STOP TB Partnership, a global grouping of NGOS, research agencies and charities, of which TB Alert is a member.

Many communities throughout the world have remained under-served when it comes to TB, and current approaches have not been able to reach them.

“The results of this work are really exciting…if we continue with the status quo in TB, we will continue an unacceptable slow decline in prevalence and incidence. We need these types of new approaches and fresh thinking,” said Jacob Cresswell, Team Leader for TB Reach.

TB Reach is being held up as a model for developing innovative treatments and detection methods to combat tuberculosis worldwide.

“Our partners have shown that with extra efforts and extra funding, major gains can be realised. It is now our collective work to see how these and other approaches from TB REACH in subsequent waves can be scaled up, sustained and have an impact at the country level,” added Dr Lucica Ditiu, Executive Secretary of the Stop TB Partnership.

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