Patient experiences needed for study into the impact of TB on wellbeing

Researchers at Kingston University are looking for former pulmonary TB patients to take part in a study examining the impact tuberculosis has on people’s lives.

To take part, you need to :

  • have had a pulmonary tuberculosis diagnosis
  • have completed treatment and no longer require further treatment
  • be 25-45 years
  • live in the UK

You will be interviewed by phone or skype to find out how you coped with being ill and in what ways TB affected your life. Interviews will last approximately 60 minutes and you only need to answer questions that you are comfortable with. Your information will be kept anonymous. Interviews will be audio-recorded and later transcribed.

To register your interest, please contact:

Ms Anastasia Paukku, lead researcher

MSc Clinical Applications of Psychology,  Kingston University

07472 766727, [email protected]


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