Drug-resistant TB killed by vitamin C in lab tests

Vitamin C can kill multidrug-resistant TB in the lab, scientists at the Yeshiva University have announced in the journal, Nature Communications.

In the laboratory studies, vitamin C appeared to trigger the production of free radicals which killed off the TB bacteria – including drug-resistant.
This raises the hope that a treatment could be developed that works in the same manner to tackle TB in humans, though there is a long way to go:

“While the findings of this study appear promising, further research to confirm the observations would be essential before Vitamin C can be used to supplement TB treatment.”
Dr Ibrahim Abubakar, Head of TB at Public Health England

“We have only been able to demonstrate this in a test tube, and we don’t know if it will work in humans and in animals… we [do] know vitamin C is inexpensive, widely available and very safe to use. At the very least, this work shows us a new mechanism that we can exploit to attack TB.”
Dr William Jacobs, study leader and Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Yeshiva University

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