Kamitondo Clinic

Kamitondo-clinicThe Kamitondo Clinic can be found in Kitwe, in the Copperbelt District of Zambia. It is a busy, frequently congested, health centre providing services for both TB and HIV. The clinic’s clients include pregnant women who are receiving anti-retroviral therapy to prevent them passing on HIV to their unborn child.

In 2012, COTHAZ partner CINDI looked into conditions at the clinic and found it to be s a hotspot of TB infection for people living with HIV, as infection control guidelines were not being followed. CINDI met with the district health office, neighbourhood health committee and clinical staff to  discuss their findings and agree what steps should be taken.

As a result, two areas have been set aside in the clinic to separate TB patients  from those seeking treatment for HIV, meaning HIV patients have less chance of catching TB. The local council has also agreed to help fund a shelter to cut the risk of transmission even further.

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