0123_TAP_India_2013When people in India become ill, the first person they go to for medical advice is often their local chemist or private health care provider rather than a qualified doctor, who may be based many miles away and difficult to get to.

That’s why TB Alert India’s PRATAM (Pharmacist and private healthcare provider TB activism) project in Telangana State, run by TB Alert India with funding from the Lilly MDR-TB Partnership,  is working closely with these community-based health providers to ensure they recognise the symptoms of TB.

Trusted by, and part of, the communities in which they work, they are perfectly placed to reach people with TB at an early stage, ensuring they can be correctly diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible, reducing the spread of the illness.

Awareness and training

PRATAM identifies chemists and health care providers working with the communities at risk, and after initial awareness raising trains them on TB. These chemists and private providers also run community awareness meetings on TB, helping people to understand the symptoms of the illness, and what to do if they are worried they might have it.

Woman receiving DOT treatmentHelping patients through treatment

Not only do PRATAM chemists and private providers identify the symptoms of TB and refer people for testing, they also help them to successfully complete their treatment.

Patients who find it hard to stay on their medication can visit these health professionals regularly to take their medication in front of them.

By acting as directly observed treatment (DOT) providers, chemists and private providers can really motivate patients to keep on treatment, and follow up with them if they start missing appointments.


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