TB Action Group

The TB Action Group (TBAG) is a network for people affected by TB in the UK. The group:

  • provides support for people during their treatment and recovery from TB
  • raises awareness of TB and advocates for improved TB services.

Peer support

Many people feel that they need support during their treatment for TB. Patients have to take many tablets that can have nasty side-effects every day for at least six months. They may feel very alone during this time and that people don’t understand what they are going through.

TBAG members are available to give support to TB patients during and after their treatment, via telephone, face to face or email. TBAG members receive ongoing support from each other too, at regular meetings and social events where they may also discuss national and international TB issues.


TBAG members use their stories and insights to advocate for better TB services. TB Alert supports this work by highlighting the importance of including the patient voice in effective TB services, and by securing opportunities for members to participate in consultations and events around TB, public health and international development. TBAG members have been a key part in the success of third sector training, under The Truth About TB programme, which is supporting local third sector organisations to represent communities at risk of TB in partnerships with local government and NHS service providers.

TBAG is increasingly becoming an independent organisation and the first point of call for TB policy-makers who need the patient’s perspective. The group is widely consulted on TB policy and practice, such as the recent NICE guidelines for the management and control of TB and a consultation on the social determinants of TB, co-sponsored by the World Health Organization, United Nations Development Programme and others. Find out more in Amy’s story.

Awareness raising

TBAG member stories feature across our UK TB awareness raising activity, including on our sister site for people seeking information about TB in the UK, www.thetruthabouttb.org, and in our short film, TB: The Real Story. TBAG members may also share their story in the media, a brilliant way to raise public awareness of TB.

Find out more about TBAG’s work

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If you would like to get involved with TBAG, receive support from a TBAG member, or use TBAG members’ stories, please contact Helen Clegg.